herbals oak



Scientific:Quercus robur
Other:Oak tree
Synonym:Quercus alba


Strong astringent.

Dermatologic (topical application)
• varicosities
- varicose veins
- hemorrhoids
- phlebitis
- venous insufficiency
• trauma
- sprains
- hematomas
- bruises
• dermatitis
- wheeping eczema
- contact dermatitis

• over-relaxed or inflamed mucous membranes with bleeding:
- prolapsed rectum (enema or suppository)
- rectal bleeding
- proctitis (topical application)
- hemorrhoids (topical application)
- inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
- apthous ulcers
- gastric ulcers
• infections
- infectious diarrhea (dysentery)

Gynecological (douche)
• leukorrhea
• vaginal prolapse
• post-partum uterine bleeding




Tannins (gallic acid)


• Tincture (1:5 in 60% EtOH): 1-2 ml tid
• Decoction (dried herb): 1 tsp tid


Contraindications: Externally, over large areas of open skin; tannins can be toxic when absorbed systemically.

High doses (internal): Avoid use.

Long-term use (internal): Avoid use; tannins may decrease absorption of nutrients, cause constipation, irritate the stomach and cause liver disease.


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