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Holy Basil Tea

By : St. Francis Herb Farm
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Elixir of Life - Ocimum sanctum

Used as a sedative for relief of restlessness or nervousness; helps to promote healthy mood blance.


Certified Organic Holy Basil or Tulsi leaves (Ocimum sanctum)


Drink one cup 3x per day or as needed, before meals. Mix 1 heaping teaspoon of dried herb to one cup (250 ml) of hot water. Cover and let steep until cool enough to drink.

SFHF Holy Basil tincture or Strest® formula can be added to your tea.

Potential side effects/Safety

Consult a health care pracitioner prior to use if you are taking acetaminophen (Tylenol) daily or if you are breastfeeding. If symptoms worsen or persist, consult a health care practitioner. Do not use if you are pregnant.

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