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By : NaturPharm Inc.


• lactose intolerance


Each capsule contains a Total Enzyme Activity of:

Lactase (Beta-Galactosidase) 1000.0 LacU units
Cellulase 1093.3 CU units (from cellulases I, II, hemi-cellulase,
pectinase, phytase)
Protease 50,000.0 FCC units (from proteases I, II, III, IV, V)
Amylase 6,666.6 FCC units (from alpha-amylase,
amyloglucosidase, alpha-galactosidase)
Malt Diastase 24.4 DPO units
Invertase 3.5 INVU units
Lipase 255.5 LU units (from lipases I, II)


High LACTASE complete (18 plant enzymes) digestive formula for aiding digestion of milk & dairy product proteins and LACTOSE INTOLERANCE.


60 capsules


1 or 2 capsules or more as needed, taken at the beginning of each meal.

Potential side effects/Safety

Use with caution if ulcer or inflammatory bowel disease is present.

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