conditions gingivitis



Other:Inflamed gums, gum disease, periodontal disease
ICD-10 Codes:K05.0

Naturopathic Treatments

• daily brushing and flossing
• regular visits to the dentist

Specific Foods
• tomato juice (lycopene)
• green tea
• pomegranate (Punica granatum)

Topical Applications
• essential oils mouth rinse - inhibits bacterial growth and plaque formation
- menthol
- thymol
- terpin-4-ol
- eucalyptol
• propolis
zinc citrate - antibacterial effect against oral pathogens
black walnut (Juglans nigra) - napthoquinones (juglone) are effective against oral microorganisms
marigold (Calendula officinalis)

• omega-3s
folic acid (mouth rinse)
• probiotics
• coenzyme Q10

Conventional Treatments

• scaling
• root planning
• subgingival curettage
• flap surgery
• bone grafts
• guided tissue regeneration
• restorative procedures
- crown lengthening
- dental implants
• antibiotics
- doxycycline (Periostat)
antiseptic and germicides
- chlorhexedine (Peridex)

Signs & Symptoms

• swollen, tender and/or receding gums
• gums turn from healthy pink to red or purple
• gums bleed while brushing, flossing or eating
• tooth loss
bad breath
• mouth sores


• periodontal disease
• acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG)
• adrenal insufficiency/adrenal crisis


• inflammatory response to plaque deposits due to poor oral hygiene or underlying systemic condition
• gingival fluid, fibrin deposits and neutrophils proliferate
• destruction of collagen and lesions follow
• pockets develop where gingiva separates from teeth
• lesion and pockets bleed while eating or brushing
• ligaments break down, teeth fall out and alveolar bone is destroyed


• oral exam
• lab tests
• imaging

Diagnostic Tests
• smear may help identify a causative agent
• dental x-rays


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